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Kuwait Water Towers

Updated: May 12, 2020

I was sat round with some friends one afternoon last week and someone told me they wanted to purchase a gift for some friends who are leaving Kuwait soon.

They wanted to buy some artwork or a photograph to fit in with the theme of the friends' house, and while they'd looked through my online store they hadn't found a photo that might suit the friend's taste. Instead, what they thought might be perfect was a picture of the Kuwait Water Towers - not to be confused of course with the Kuwait Towers, although they were part of the same construction project.

This happened to fit in perfectly with my weekend plans, between editing multiple shoots from last week and going out sailing. Combined with the fact I had picked up a D810 for a few days for a newborn photoshoot, and the fact I was in the process of taking more photographs around Kuwait for another commercial project, I decided to head out in the dust and see what I could shoot.

So off I went up to Abraj Park. It was such a pleasant area to spend some time that most would not even know existed, nestled in block 4 of Adailiya just south of the hustle and bustle of Kuwait City. With the 36MP full frame sensor of the D810 in hand combined with a sturdy 70-200mm f/2.8, all I needed now was some pleasant weather... Unfortunately, it never really came. The sun did try to break through the clouds and the dust at one point but it didn't make much of an appearance.

Nevertheless, thanks in part to the ridiculous 14 bit RAW files out of the D810 weighing in at around 100MB each, I still got a handful of shots I was happy with. My dad tagged along for the day and actually shot some photos of me in action on my D500. He's got a good eye, although actually both of my parents were into photography when they were younger - I guess that's where I get it from.

While I'd hoped at first for some bright golden sunlight and flares, I was actually pretty happy with how the moody overcast skies came out, especially in black and white with some dehaze applied in Lightroom.

The client was super happy with how the shots came out, and they purchased a 40x30cm canvas print of the main photo at the very top of this post. Their friend loved it and it made for a lovely memory of their years in Kuwait.

With all of the editing complete, I walked into work first thing on Sunday morning for a colleague to say "Oh! Why did you go and shoot the Water Towers? I would much rather have a canvas of the Kuwait Towers on my wall!" Well then, I guess I know where I'm going next weekend...

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