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Beach Sessions

The weather in Kuwait really isn’t the best at the moment. We're going through that miserable part of the year where it’s dusty, it’s humid and it’s starting to get hot. People are tired and in need of a holiday, and for some of us it's finally here.

Last weekend was a busy one with some lovely family photo sessions on the beach. During the early morning, conditions aren’t too sweaty at the moment, but summer is fast approaching and before we know it the temperature will be back up to 50 degrees which isn't ideal for outdoor portraits.

While schools are closed for the week, why not book in for a relaxed morning session on the beach to get you into holiday mode? It’s a good excuse to get the kids up at a reasonable time and make the most of the day!

Family beach sessions are a fun way to get your family together in a totally informal setting. Head to Book a Session to find out more.

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